Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing the Middleton Area Optimist Club

We did it friends! Yesterday we organized the Middleton Area Optimist Club with 20 charter members. Already this morning we've added two more.  Joining together in service and helping children and our community are what makes an Optimist Club special.  Add in a positive, upbeat attitude with the Optimist Creed and we are off and running!

Congratulations to Patrick Halpin on his election as President of the new Middleton Area Optimist Club.  Joining him on the Board of Directors are:
Estela Cabrera, Secretary/Treasurer
Kim Boguslawski, Vice President
Peter Cabrera, Director
Cathleen Woods, Director
Julie Halpin, Director
Russell Nelson, Director
Jenn Driscoll, Director
Sherin Williams, Director

Joining them as charter members of the Middleton Area Optimist Club are:
Aaron Mitchell
Dave Castro
Amber Dickens
Stacy Nelson
Stacy Thibault
Kendra Greene
Debbie Brunner
Bill Blackburn
Cheryl Blackburn
Florence Blackburn
Larry Blackburn
Jennifer Ahyou
Harlan  Ahyou

More members and ideas are needed to do all the things we envision as a group to serve the Middleton Area.  Please join us today.  Click here for a charter membership application.

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